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John Padovano: coffeehouse performer


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Some of John's Favorites( by all means, not a complete list):
Singers: Paul McCartney, Dick Powell,Bill Withers, Frank Sinatra,
Louis Armstrong, Oliver Hardy, Gerry Marsden, Roberta Flack,
Marlene Dietrich, Jimmy Durante, Mario Lanza, Dean Martin,
John Ralph Padovano, Nancy Sinatra, Francoise Hardy,
Doris Day, Edith Piaf, Judy Garland, Sir Harry Lauder,
Iris Dement, John Lennon, Peter Noone, Mary Hopkin.

Bands: The Beatles, The Kinks, Artie Shaw, The Zombies,
The Rascals, Glenn Miller Band, The Coasters.

Composers/Songwriters: Lennon & McCartney, Harry Warren, Michel Le Grand,
 Vivaldi, Beethoven, Paul Simon, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Curtis Mayfield,
Brian Wilson, Alan Price, Verdi, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Phil Ochs, Nino Rota,
 Harry Nillson.

Musicians: Vince Guaraldi, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Louis Armstrong, Ramsey Lewis.

Arrangers & Producers: George Martin, John-Paul Padovano, Gordon Jenkins, Nelson
Riddle, Quincy Jones.

1. Hey Jude, The Beatles 2. Rag Doll, The Four Seasons
3. Penny Lane, The Beatles 4. Groovin', The Rascals
5. What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong
6. Something Stupid, Frank & Nancy Sinatra
7. Mother And Child Reunion, Paul Simon
8. Yesterday, The Beatles 9. Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys
10. Please Please Me, The Beatles 11. Go Now, The Moody Blues
12. Walk Away Rene, The Left Banke 

Some shows I saw live that I really enjoyed:
*Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry, NYC *George Harrison
w/ Ravi Shankar, NYC *Ringo's All Stars w/ Peter Frampton,
Gary Brooker, Jack Bruce, NJ
*Mose Allison, NJ *Emmylou Harris, NJ
*Tom Waits, Leon Redbone, NYC *The Crickets
w/ Paul McCartney, Nanci Griffith NYC
List of some favorite albums:
* Lightnin' Hopkins - Double Blues
* The Beatles - Rubber Soul
* Frank Sinatra - September Of My Years
* The Kinks - Arthur
* Paul McCartney - McCartney
* George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
* Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends
* Charlie Parker - Bird "Symbols"
* Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie -Bird and Diz
* John Lennon - Walls And Bridges
* Jimmy Durante - As Time Goes BY
* Dick Powell - In Hollywood 1933-1935
* I Musici - Vivaldi The Four Seasons
* Vince Guaraldi - Greatest Hits
* Bob Dylan - World Gone Wrong
* Blues Hoot- Hopkins, McGhee, Sonny Terry
* John Lennon - Imagine
~     ~             ~            ~
Other artists whom I greatly appreciate: (coming soon)

John R. Padovano 1922-1976

On "innocent waters" there's an instrumental called "My Father's Theme" which was inspired by my father, John R. Padovano. He inspired me to sing at an early age. At my shows, I almost always include an old number that I remember that he always sang. The song: "Nevertheless". He was my first and biggest influence in music. I also want to credit other people who have entertained me through the years and who have influenced me.
~ John


There's a Kind of Hush

This will be a growing list of people that we'd like to thank:
Nigel Wilson, David Kenney, John E. D, Irving, Mike Penard, Irene Ness, Catherine E. Galioto, Lee Leonard, Jolene H. Miyaji, Martin Howells, Gill Rickman, Mauro Ravera, Tommy Dean,George & Ann Aljian, Dan Paton, Scott Stamper, Stan, Eddie Russell, Kramer Juergen, Katy Alerton, Amie Edmunds, John Smothers, Ries Verwijmeren, Melinda Mattingly, Thomas Florek, Ray -Elly Pieters, Sheri W. Sung, Barbara Hays, Teresa Padovano, (many more will be added )