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John Padovano: coffeehouse performer


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right now I'm working on some shows. I'll be updating this very soon.  Please visit again.  Have a great Autumn!
I'm enjoying the shows at Ray's as The Dusty Road Session Players. I had a great time at The Bayou Cafe.  If anyone at these shows would like to send me their comments, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. ~ John
I enjoyed the show at Cafe Improv, Princeton. My set there was: WHERE I COME FROM/ A CROW THAT I KNOW/ MORE TIME THAN MILES/ DUSTY ROAD/ MISSING DAYS FROM MY DIARY (PART ONE). I welcome any comments from those who tuned in.
I really enjoyed my show at The Java Hut last night. I met some wonderful musicians there. There was a friendly crowd there. Please contact me with your comments!
Thanks to John McLaughlin at WESS for the air play!
I really enjoyed performing at the Java Hut last night. Special thanks to the couple from the Bronx for stopping by!
Thanks for the kind comments from Peter Noone of the Herman's Hermits.  He stopped by our home site the other day. He's one of my all-time favorite singers. Please check out the Thanks/Influences page for the list that I've put together.
Thanks to Len Osland of UMFM for the air play!
Thanks to Jill and Sandy at Caffe Danielle last night for being great hostesses at my show!
Thanks to "Freewheeling" Jim Marino for the airplay! 
Thanks to everyone at The Java Hut last night. It was great to meet David Gorsky from NJcoast News last night. He's an Editor and writer from there. . .I look forward to my next gigs there in Belmar.
Thanks to Jay and everybody at the Cornerstone Cafe for a pleasant night. It was a rather warm night also. One of  the songs I performed there was "Missing Days From My Diary (Part One)" from my new CD. The people there were great.
I enjoyed the show at Cafe Improv last night. Thanks, Tom and John !  The songs I performed on the telecast were: LIFE ALONG THE HIGHWAY,  I ONCE HEARD A MOCKINGBIRD,   MY FATHER'S THEME, BROKEN JOE BLUES,  MY WATCH IS SLOW, and THAT DAY.   I welcome any comments about the broadcast. Please email me.
Thanks to Alishia and Eddie for the great night at Cool Beans. The people that work there and the customers make the place special.   I look forward to my next show there!

Thanks, Juergen Kramer for the air play!

Last night's show at Danielle's Cafe was a very pleasant
experience. It was great meeting Michelle, Tracy and Jill, all very warm people. I'm looking forward to my future shows there through the coming summer. I performed some songs from my new CD such as : LOST IN A CROWD, and SOMEWATER RIVER.

New Release: "innocent waters" contains 29 tracks. It is available at ! now carries "innocent waters"!. . . Please go to to listen to four songs from CD and to order. It's a great site. Thank you, John

Thanks to the wonderful people at Java Hut last night- John

Dusty Road Session CD available at: , music a la carte (for all of Europe), ,
John Padovano The Dusty Road Session CD


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