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John Padovano : The Return Of Rainy Day Hobo

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The Dusty Road Session

Releases: Set In November,  Blues Station Memoirs,
Songs And Belongings,  Lost In A Crowd,  The Dusty Road Session,  Innocent Waters
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New Release: innocent waters(please purchase at

Four Towns along Somewater River. . . time to continue
on from Blues Station to Cattailsville to Dusty Road to
 Innocent Waters. . . the coffee shop stays open overnight
 for the poet-playwright to work on his latest play.
 ( The Kitchen Sink Skiffle Band also performs there
once in a while). At the train station across the street,
the balladeer is waiting for the 5:04. With each change
of season, there's like a dancing of years of memories
 that comes to my mind as I sit in the cafe looking out
 the window on a late afternoon; then it starts to rain. .
. from here i go again. ~ Stu Rain

All songs written by John Padovano
copyright1999, 2000, 2001,2002 John Anthony Padovano

1. Balladeer    2. I Once Heard A Mockingbird
3. Missing Days From My Diary (Part One)
4. Life Along The Highway   5. Summer Is Waiting For You
6. Maureena's Song (From Stu Rain's Traveling Actor's Group)
7. Playwright At A Coffee Shop   8. Interlude At A Train Station
9. Finding Voice   10. Dancing Of Years   11. The Kitchen Sink Skiffle Band
12. End Of Summer   13. Somewater River  14. Then It Starts To Rain
15. For As Long As My Life Lasts  16. Missing Days From My Diary (Part Two)
17. Old Wheel Barrow  18. Lost In A Crowd  19. From Here I Go Again
20. It's A Child's Tale   21. My Father's theme   22. Four Towns
23. My Watch Is Slow   24. I Don't Want Life To Drift On
25. Sounds   26. Winter   27. If You Ask Me
28. The Coffeehouse Performer   29. Balladeer (2nd Version)

Comments about "innocent waters":

Tommy Dean DJ at WERU, 102.9, Maine:
"You have a great sound. . .A very well done CD."

Ann Aljian, USA:
"In "Dusty Road, "A B Movie I Was In" became my favorite. . . I think "Four Towns" is going to be it for me this time." 1/28/02


1. Opening Song  2. A B Movie I Was In  3. Carry Me [Lullaby]
4. Market Street    5. Your Return     6. Diner Boy
7. When You Get Older/There Was a Time    8. Give Me a Wink
9. I'm Trying Hard    10. The Odds and Ends of It All
11. As I Was Falling   12. She Lovely Woman
13. Dusty Road   14. What Do I See in Your Eyes?
15. The Barber [Ottavio Macino]
16. More Time Than Miles    17. Bicycle Days
18. Jill    19. The Character     20. That Day
21. I'm Starting to Feel Like I'm Strong
22. It Was a Casual Ending   23. Where I Come From
24. You Became My Friend    25. Karen Sue
26. Innocent Waters      27. Closing Song
Reviews and comments on TDRS:
USA , 6/22-7/5/2001 issue of Night And Day
" I liked this album. . . and I'm pretty impressed with this artist's depth. . . "
"The outstanding track is Dusty Road. If that does not bring a tear to your eye nothing ever will. It is a perfect little song. . . Simple truths and keenly observed details of life in general stream from Padovano's pen and are performed in a misleadingly easy and natural voice."
ITALY, 5/17/01, Giovanni Pietro Scazzola, RADIOGOLD:
" Every week I transmit at least one of your songs and it's really great music."
USA, 5/22/01 KIOS radio, Omaha Nebraska, MIKE JACOBS:
" I like . . "Market Street" quite a bit. I'm going to play it on my blues show"


photo taken at Fair Haven, NJ
(at the pier)

Vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder

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