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John Padovano : The Return Of Rainy Day Hobo

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Padovano Publishing Co. is interested in providing new creative material to help
musicians develop their recording projects and their live performances. We are
also interested in working with film and television. The songs in our catalog
are of a nature that is appropriate for all audiences. We are determined to
provide positive material that is artistic.

all songs published by Padovano Publishing Company (BMI) represented by The
Harry Fox Agency, New York, NY(USA) Phone:(212)370-5330 Fax:212-490-3574 (for
Mechanical License Request Form, go to links page.)

e-mail John Padovano:

--------------John Padovano-------------------- other releases:
* Set In November : 10 songs recorded in Red Bank. Multi tracked, all
instruments by John.

* Blues Station Memoirs : 9 songs recorded in Red Bank, Multi tracked, all
instruments by John. Taken to be avant garde. Featured songs:Blues Station,After
Two Blues ,A Man Can Change His Ways.

* Songs And Belongings : 10 songs recorded in Red Bank, multi tracked. songs
featured: Somewater River, The Dancing Of Years

* Lost In A Crowd : 12 songs recorded in Long Branch, performed live in studio
without over-dubs John: vocal , guitar, harp .
(Diane Doolittle: sax, flute . ) Songs Featured:Lost In A Crowd, Years Later

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