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John Padovano: coffeehouse performer



Belmar, NJ

2/27/01 Comments by Ray en Elly PIETERS-DREESENS,
Radio Milo 103.1 FM (BELGIUM) Host of "Somewhere
Between" Show. "music with
roots" :

" 'LOST IN A CROWD' just sounds great!!
No weak moments at all, every song is
strong enough to be played and heard in my show."

You are a very special singer songwriter.
. . I am very impressed by your way of making music!!"

The songs from Dusty Road Session that he
included on his show were tracks: 4,
5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,
23, 25, 26. He considered "MORE TIME
THAN MILES" as his favorite song from this
~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Comments Re: The Dusty Road Session received
3/11/01, EDDIE RUSSELL, Radio Host,
airing on JRRI International Shortwave,based out of
RP1 COLUMBUS TEXAS, "Country Eastern Music":
" . . . I Like it a lot. . . & will be airing on my
shows. What an interesting
journey of lyrics, melodies, & styles. . . & you
play a fine guitar. Welcome to
my radio family... & please keep me in mind with
your next release. Cheers,
Eddie "

Tommy Dean WERU-FM, Maine, 3/20/01 comment
regarding The Dusty Road Session
"It's a very good CD and very well produced."
4/5/01 Michel Penard,(France) Radio ISA comment
after listening to TDRS CD: ". .
. a real musical personality."

He picked out the following songs to be
considered for his show: Market Street,
As I Was Falling, She Lovely Woman,
More Time Than Miles, You Became My Friend.
Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio Holland,
" Geat stuff for my shows."

The Musician's Exchange: comments regarding
Set In November: " Warm baritone. .
.good tunes. . good production. . .recommended."
The Musician's Exchange: comments regarding
Blues Station Memoirs: " Blues.
..Unconventional delivery. . .Something different. ."
The Musician's Exchange: June 1995 comments
Songs And Belongings:
"Male Vox, acoustic guitar and yet there's not
very much that's predictable
here. Odd chord voicings and interesting
melodic twists keep you hooked. Kind of
like an American Robyn Hitchcock. . . "
"John - Always Fantastic!," March 31, 2000
Reviewer: Ann Aljian, USA
"I love this album! it's typical of John Padovano's
enigmatic, yet "down home" technique. It made me
very happy to hear John again. More albums John,
please! I will treasure this one."

Danielle Bracken, Norfolk, VA 1/10/01 Comments:
" John is a powerful artist when
it comes to his music. His thought and feelings
really come out in everything he
plays. This last tape is a wonderful show of the many
talents that he has. I
look forward to his next release as well as cherish his past work."
Bob Queen, Avon-By-The-Sea,New Jersey, USA:
"I truly have enjoyed The Dusty Road Session by John Padovano.
 Market Street has been my number one favorite song. It tells a
story I can relate to, although
each song puts me in a place or scene from my past that I can
relate to. Some other songs from this CD I really like are
As I Was Falling, More Time Than
Miles, I'm Starting To Feel Like I'm Strong, and
You Became My Friend."
Giovanni Pietro Scazzola, Radio Gold Popular Network-ITALY:
5/16/02, Comment on "Innocent Waters" CD:

"It's really beautiful and interesting (as ever) and

 so good for my program."


 "Jersey singer-songwriter with a style all his own" 2002

--Horses Sing None Of It (TV Show)


Click here to read review Of TDRS by Mike Raven of

I hope that these selected comments
from these communications will interest
those not familiar with my music. As an
independent artist, I do appreciate such
recommendations, for my limited exposure
in the media is, well, limited. I thank
all those who
have encouraged me with my work,
. . .
my joy of song,"

~ John
PETER NOONE (Herman) April/2002:
"Nice site. . . see you out there one of these days."
 Cafe Improv TV30 (Broadcasts from the
Arts Council Of Princeton)2002:

"John Padovano
Exquisite jazz voicings  on his guitar and subtle, sophisticated
vocals make John our keynote act of the evening.
Last appearing at the Improv in September of 2001,
John is a favorite of both our in-house and
television audiences. "
Re: ''Innocent Waters":
MICHEL PENARD, ISA Radio, France (2/22/02):
"As a music lover your music is a real pleasure. ." " 
His prefered tracks were:
7, 13, 17, 19, 26, 27, 29
Tommy Dean, WERU radio, Maine , USA(1/22/02) :
"I've been playing "The Balladeer". . .I love your music."
Taken from the review of "Innocent Waters" from freefolk.
by Dai Woosnam (UNITED KINGDOM),
March/April 2002:
" His work is new to me... He works out of
Fair Haven, New Jersey.
I sat back to listen. And the initial reaction is good. 
He has a tuneful voice. . .
On some tracks he has a percussion backing. But that is it.
No studio gimmicks. I tried to get a handle on it.
He was reminiscent of SOMEONE,
but I could not think just WHO exactly.  
 At first I thought
of another guy from New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen.
 But although there were touches of "the Boss",
the link was elsewhere. I quickly moved from
Loudon Wainwright III, to the early Dylan
(both his guitar and harmonica were too good
 to be Mr. Zimmerman's), and then I hit upon it.
OF COURSE:. . . The Incredible String Band! 
 Indeed his voice is a curious amalgam of
Robin Williamson's and Mike Heron's,
and the song lyrics have that same ability
to run the gamut when it comes to subject matter. . .
NJCoast News, April 2002
David J. Gorsky, Editor-in-Chief:
"Playing intensely for over the past ten years,
John Padovano is a seasoned professional who
should be heard. . . . If you want down to earth
 songs with a little "brain" in them. John
Padovano's the one. "
On 4/6/01 received this informal message from Michael Raven,
Editor of (out of Shropshire ENGLAND) concerning
TDRS Cd and Lost In A Crowd

" Will review it in Like your songs,
like your voice and your
guitar playing is classy. "
"On 2/13/01, I received a review by a gentleman
by the name of Gill Rickson. He
is the Head of Music at URY, University Radio
York in ENGLAND.

Comments by Gill Rickson, Head of Music, URY,
based at the University of York,

(UK's Oldest Independent Radio Station.
University Radio York):

"You have a great voice. . .I have thoughroughly
enjoyed reviewing this CD. . .
I think my favourite tracks are probably 5 and 12.
They are so different and yet
they both work well with just guitar and voice.
'Your Return' is so gentle and
tender . . . the music really expresses the
sentiment of the words. The album is
well put together in that it keeps changing
slightly with each track. . . .
'Bicycle Days'moves on well,it keeps hurry on
and gives a good variation of
tempo within the album. 'That Day' has a great
spring time feel to it which from
what I can gather is when the song is written
about so again you have managed to
capture the lyrics within the music as well.
I know that I have mentioned this
before but this is because I find that so many
manufactured bands over here
write lyrics and then give them to musicians to
have music put to them, thus
losing any emotion they had. So, it makes a nice
change to hear lyrics and music
in sync with each other. 'I'm Starting To Feel
Like I'm Strong' was a very close
contender for my favourite tracks, it has a
wonderful optimism about it.
Normally in a CD review I would spend time on
the use of other instruments and
samples. However, because it is just you and your
guitar there is nothing I can
say about it! There is a certain purity within
some of your songs which only
works with this one man arrangement and it is
great that you have left them in
this raw form where they are most effective. . .
I have thouroughly enjoyed
listening to your work. . ."


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